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Advanced packaging material EVA for plastic bags
Jul 17, 2018

With the advancement and development of technology, the packaging of plastic bags is constantly being updated, and more advanced packaging materials are researched and put into use. Nowadays, an environmentally-friendly high-grade packaging material EVA material is widely used, and various EVA bags have been put on the market and used by people.

EVA bag

Aluminized film EVA material is a general term for this material. Different patterns are divided into different products, such as small square aluminum film, small cloth aluminum film, tree-grain aluminum non-woven fabric, various animals. Patterned crocodile, snake-like aluminum film products, etc. These materials look like aluminum in appearance, but they can shine like silver, highlighting the high level of materials, so we call it the advanced production material of plastic bags.

Finally, EVA bag manufacturers say that EVA materials are used in large quantities because of the characteristics of EVA materials, which have good flexibility, rubber-like elasticity, and can still have good flexibility, transparency and surface at -50 °C. Good gloss, good chemical stability, good anti-aging and ozone resistance, no toxicity. It has good blending property with filler, and has good coloring and molding processability.