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Classification of PVC materials
Jul 21, 2018

PVC is an environmentally friendly material and is widely used in life. PVC bag factory, PVC furniture, PVC building materials, etc. are very common in life. Now, PVC packaging bag factory and everyone to understand the classification of PVC materials,to help you further understand PVC materials.

According to the scope of application, PVC can be divided into: general-purpose PVC resin, high-polymerization PVC resin, cross-linked PVC resin.

According to the method for obtaining vinyl chloride monomer, it can be divided into calcium carbide method, ethylene method and import (EDC, VCM) monomer method (the ethylene method and the imported monomer method are commonly referred to as ethylene method).

According to the polymerization method, polyvinyl chloride can be classified into four major categories: suspension polyvinyl chloride, emulsion polyvinyl chloride, bulk polyvinyl chloride, and solution polyvinyl chloride. According to the PVC bag factory, the suspension method of polyvinyl chloride is the largest variety of production, accounting for about 80% of the total PVC production.

According to the content of plasticizer, PVC plastic olefin plastic is often divided into: no plasticized PVC, plasticizer content is 0; rigid PVC, plasticizer content is less than 10%; semi-rigid PVC, plasticizer content It is 10-30%; soft PVC, plasticizer content is 30-70%; polyvinyl chloride paste plastic, plasticizer content is more than 80%. The use of plasticizers increases the ductility and plasticity of PVC and allows for the processing of more products. Plasticizers are also added to pvc bag factory and EVA bag factory when producing bags.

The above is a simple classification of PVC packed by PVC bags factory, I hope to help everyone. For more information about PVC, please continue to pay attention to the related developments of Shenzhen Huale Plastic Product Co.,Ltd. We are a PVC bag factory and PVC packaging bag factory approved by the state. It produces and sells various PVC bags, and can also customize individual packaging bags according to requirements.