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Classification of PVC zipper bags
Jul 13, 2018

Shenzhen Huale Plastic Product Co., Ltd is a state-approved PVC bag factory that produces and sells various PVC bags. PVC zipper bags are rich in variety, complete in specifications, exquisite and beautiful. The zipper bags produced by the PVC bag factory are classified as follows.

1 Ordinary zipper bags

Ordinary zipper bags generally have a large body shape. The material is made of woven bag, transparent PE or OPP plastic film. The zipper is a common plastic zipper, which is generally used to package relatively large-sized goods, such as quilt outer packaging, large simple duffel bag, etc. .

2 Slider zipper bags

The file zip pocket can hold more documents, pens and small items. The special cold-resistant PVC double-layer material is used, and the material has good flexibility. Moisture-proof and waterproof, suitable for learning, living and home travel.

3. Ziplok bags

Ziplok bag has a good sealing property and is generally used as a sealed bag and a waterproof bag.

In the process of using the zipper bag produced by the PVC bag factory, if the zipper is dropped, it can be installed directly. In the installation process, some skills are also needed. First, open the zipper bag and open it up to one and a half times the size of the zipper. Then install the triangular diaphragm in the zipper head in the zipper bag opening, and then press the zipper slightly. The entire installation process can be completed by the head.