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Clear bag factory summarizes the precautions for using plastic bags
Jul 25, 2018

PVC handbags, PVC cosmetic bags, PVC gift bags, EVA zipper bags, waterproof phone bags and other products produced by Clear Bag Factory are welcomed and loved by consumers. However, plastic bags, especially food packaging bags, if used incorrectly, will be detrimental to human health. Therefore, Clear bags factory hopes that consumers should pay attention to the following items in the process of using plastic bags.

1. Minimize the use of plastic bags for cooked food. Plastic bags are often cooked to cause deterioration of food. After eating, food poisoning symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea are prone to occur. PVC packaging bags factory reminds that plastic bags must not be used to package hot food, but can not be placed in the microwave to heat, will produce harmful toxins.

2. Do not use ultra-thin plastic bags. The ultra-thin plastic bag is light in weight and thin in thickness, but its load-bearing capacity is very strong. It is because PVC packaging bag manufacturers have added plasticizer during the production process, and this plasticizer is extremely unfavorable to human health. The regulations also prohibit PVC bags factories and mobile phone waterproof bag factories from producing and selling ultra-thin plastic bags.

3. Do not use alcohol bags in plastic bags. Alcoholic foods and oily foods can dissolve lead in polyvinyl chloride plastic bags into foods, and such plastic bags cannot contain foods with temperatures above 50 degrees.

Finally, Clear bag factory---Shenzhen Huale Plastic Product Co., Ltd. reminded that consumers should use special food packaging bags for food, and should buy light colors when purchasing plastic bags. Plastic bags with a particularly deep color are likely to be reprocessed from recycled plastic and should be resolutely avoided for food packaging.