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Common problems in the production of PVC bags
Jul 18, 2018

The PVC bags we see on the market have some colors, some have no color, some have brighter colors, some are more dim, and different PVC bags have different feels. These are all due to PVC bag factory and PVC bag. The process of the factory is different. There are three main problems in the material of PVC bags produced by PVC bag factories: thickness problems, color problems and appearance problems.

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Thickness problem: If the hand feels thin, mainly the weight of the PVC material is increased when the bag is made; there is temperature, the summer temperature is high, the hand feels softer, and it will feel thinner.

Color problem: PVC bag transparency can be divided into general and ultra-transparent. Color film in the production process by adding pigment to change the color of the bag, the ratio is different, the adjusted color will have a certain error.

Appearance problem: PVC bags with large odors contain a large amount of polyvinyl chloride in their material composition, which has a certain odor. PVC materials generally have odor and are toxic at high temperatures.

The PVC bags produced by the PVC packaging bag factory mainly have leakage problems, silk screen color registration and silk screen color difference.

Process problems: the bag's hot pressing position is white, the bag is not smooth enough, and the button is not positioned properly, and the air holes are not smooth enough.