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Cosmetic bag toiletry bag
Dec 15, 2017


  Girls will usually use some cosmetics bags or boxes in their daily lives. In fact, many cosmetic bag toiletry bags are very nice, they are very popular with female friends. As these pvc cosmetic bags are customized, in the integration of their own products, but also have some practical value.

PVC cosmetic bag waterproof, portable, beautiful appearance features, put cosmetics are also very suitable.

Cosmetic bag

  PVC cosmetic bag with zipper opening, storage is relatively safe. In outdoor travel, PVC cosmetic bag can also be used as toiletry bag, these PVC zipper bag transparent bag can put towels, toothpaste, cosmetics, daily necessities and so on.

 Shenzhen Huale Plastic Products Co., Ltd. specializing in the production PVC cosmetic bag, welcome to mass customization!