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Development of plastic flexible packaging in China and foreign gap
Oct 20, 2016

From the production equipment of flexible plastic packaging, flexible plastic packaging production equipment was imported from the generic devices, due to the quality of steel, Machining accuracy and heat treatment, and comprehensive technology still can't keep up with the world level, the overall quality of machinery and equipment is not high, low degree of automation. Therefore, today a lot of soft packaging equipment imports. Such as: production of biaxially oriented lines are almost all imported equipment, production of BOPP 65 line (annual output of 450,000 tons) and 19 lines of BOPET (annual production of 100,000 tons of capacity of 150,000 tons) are imported from abroad. Due to strong domestic demand for biaxially oriented film, there are still many manufacturers are preparing to introduce. These high-tech assembly line, there is no manufacturer can produce, were introduced step by step bidirectional stretch lines. While more expensive, better synchronization of bidirectional stretch equipment is still very small.