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Different levels of packaging bags
Jul 21, 2018

There are many uses for packaging bags, which can be used to packaging clothes, packaging foods, packaging various products, and so on. According to the different packaging levels, the PVC packaging bag factory divides the packaging into individual package, medium package and outer package, which are described in detail below.

1. Individual package refers to a package in which a product is a sales unit. The packages are in direct contact with the goods and are assembled into a whole with the goods in production. It is sold for the main purpose and is generally sold to customers along with the goods, thus becoming a sales package or small package. The packaging plays the role of direct protection, beautification, promotion and promotion of commodity sales. For example, some exquisite paper bags, gift bags and garment bags produced by PVC Bag Factory Shenzhen Huale Plastic Product Co.,Ltd are all individual packaging.

towel packaging bag

2. Medium package (also known as inner package) refers to a number of individual goods or packages that make up a small overall package. It is an intermediate package between the packaging and the outer packaging, and belongs to the inner packaging of the product. In the sales process, some of the products are sold along with the goods, and some are consumed in the sales, so they are listed as sales packaging. Many PVC bags are produced into large-capacity bags for use in medium-packaging, giving the product a layer of protection.

3. Outer packaging (also known as shipping packaging or large packaging) refers to the outermost packaging of the goods. In the process of commodity circulation, the outer packaging plays a role in protecting goods, facilitating transportation, loading and unloading and storage.

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