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Hot seal PVC bag and sewn PVC bag
Jul 05, 2018

There are two main ways to produce PVC bags in PVC bag factories - hot seal and sewing. The plastic bags on the market are basically made of hot seal or sewing. The plastic bags made in these two different ways are different in use. How to distinguish them?

Generally, materials which can be made of hot seal or sewing bags are PVC, non-woven fabric, etc., which are suitable for two kinds of materials, and most of them are used. In general, in a PVC bag factory, most of them are high-frequency hot seal machines, and unlike sewing, in some garment factories, sewing can be used to make these sewing processes.

The PVC plastic bag processed by the high-frequency hot seal of the PVC packaging bag factory is to change the molecular structure of the bonding place, so that the PVC material can be tightly bonded together, as long as it is not used, it will not break under normal circumstances. of. The weight of the PVC can be up to 10Kg according to the thickness of the PVC material. However, due to the limitations of the machine being made, these plastic bags cannot exceed the maximum length, width and height of the machine. The plastic bags made by the sewing are different, because the sewing is from one end to the other, so that various sizes of plastic bags can be produced, which can be used in many cases.

Because of the different manufacturing methods, the high-frequency plastic bag has a more efficient production speed. Therefore, in most cases, most of the use cases of the voltage plastic bag for life consumption are more popular with consumers.

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