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How does PVC plastic bag factory handle the edge of plastic bag?
Jul 10, 2018

In many times, the PVC packaging bag factory often encounters a situation in which the edge of the PVC plastic bag is broken or cracked a lot. In order to improve this situation, PVC bag factory --Shenzhen Huale Plastic Product Co., Ltd will tell you a few treatment methods.

First of all, the voltage of the edge part can not be too explosive, generally about 3mm, which can make the bag not easy to break when used, and also has a certain aesthetic effect. However, some customers feel that the edges are too wide and affect the overall aesthetics, so they want to make them thinner, which will cause the bags to break more easily. This is a reminder for every customer.

The other aspect is the area of the force. When producing the plastic bag, if you need to press a round ring on the edge of some bags, you can make the edge pull force to be carried by the circle of the bag, so that you can let The bag is less likely to break.