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How to distinguish plastic bags from poisonous and non-toxic
Aug 10, 2018

Plastic bags are a must for life, and people's lives are inseparable from various plastic bags. Many plastic bags on the market are toxic and cause harm to human health, so it is recommended to use non-toxic plastic bags. Now, the PVC bag factory teaches you how to tell if the plastic bag is toxic.

Most of the plastic bags for industrial products are toxic, especially for packaging urea, hydrogen carbonate, sulfur and fertilizer products, pesticides and other plastic bags, all of which are toxic plastic bags. If it is difficult to identify at one time, it can be discerned by the following methods.

First, if you touch the plastic bag with a feeling of dryness, it is a poisonous plastic bag. On the contrary, it is a non-toxic plastic bag when it is touched by hand and has a lubricating feeling on the surface.

The second is to cut the plastic bag to one side and burn it with a match. If it is poisonous, it will not burn easily. Even if it is burnt, when the fire source leaves the plastic, the fire will extinguish and the flame will be green. Non-toxic plastic bags are easy to burn in case of fire, and the matches can continue to be tender after leaving the plastic. The flames appear yellow, and when burned, the plastic melts and floats like a candle.

The third is to look at the color. PVC bag factory reminds that most people who have color plastic bags are toxic, especially those with dark colors are more toxic, while non-toxic plastic bags are transparent and colorless.

The method of identifying whether a plastic bag is toxic is introduced here, and I hope to help everyone. Finally, the PVC bag factory recommends that you do not use colored plastic bags to package food. The food packaging bags are preferably colorless and transparent. In addition, do not heat the bags together. The plastic bags will decompose and produce toxins when heated.