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How to do environmental protection of vinyl bags
Aug 09, 2018

At present, plastic bags can be seen in all walks of life, so how to solve the problem of environmental protection of PVC plastic bags? vinyl cosmetic bags factory for everyone to explain: how to do environmental protection of PVC bags? Specifically with the vinly cosmetic bag factory Get up and get to know it!

As far as the current trend of the world economy is concerned, plastic bags have become an indispensable part. People can't do without plastic bags, especially PVC bags. Most of these plastic bags have long degradation cycles and are not environmentally friendly. Improve the environmental protection of PVC plastic bags?

vinyl bag

First of all, it is to improve the quality of the people, to reduce the use of plastic bags, and consciously recycle plastic bags, because it takes 60 years for the plastic bags to degrade in the soil. For our descendants, we should recycle the plastic bags.

Secondly, do not incinerate plastic bags in the garbage, this will produce dioxin carcinogens, so the waste incineration power plant should use high temperature method, not to produce dioxin.

Do the above two points, and then use PVC plastic bags to make zipper bags, handbags, and so on. Improve environmental awareness, everyone is responsible!