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How to improve the transparency of PVC plastic bags
Jul 06, 2018

As a nationally approved strength PVC bag factory and plastic packaging bag factory, Shenzhen Huale Plastic Products Co., Ltd. has rich experience in PVC bag design, production and printing. We can customize all kinds of PVC bags and PVC Tote bags according to customers' requirements.  Next, we will share with you the process of improving the transparency of the bag.

Under normal circumstances, the plastic bags we use every day are transparent. The high degree of transparency allows us to clearly see the contents of the plastic packaging. How do PVC bag manufacturers improve the transparency of plastic bags?

The PVC packaging bag factory improves the transparency of the plastic bag by improving the transparency by reducing the degree of crystallization, controlling the crystal quality, increasing the refractive index and lowering the birefringence. The transparency of the plastic packaging bag can be improved by the addition of the nucleating agent, the crystallization of the small molecular substance is promoted, and the nucleus acts as a nucleus in the resin, which is the most effective way to increase the transmittance of the transparent resin.

The addition of other kinds of resin materials to the transparent resin improves the transparency of the plastic article, which is called blending to improve transparency. The method of improving the transparency by breaking the original crystal particles in the product to make the crystal size smaller to increase the degree of transparency is called biaxial stretching.

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