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How to maintain PVC waterproof phone bag
Jul 23, 2018

A small waterproof phone bag allows you to enjoy the hot water and surf while not worrying about the water in the phone. Although mobile phone waterproof bags are not expensive, they still need to be well maintained. Now, with the PVC bag factory to take a look, how to maintain PVC waterproof phone bag.

Waterproof phone bag.jpg

1. Anti-exposure, high temperature and low temperature. When using PVC waterproof phone bag, avoid direct sunlight and exposure. Because the sun's ultraviolet rays may cause the PVC waterproof bag to accelerate aging. At the same time, it should also be avoided in high temperature or low temperature environment. PVC waterproof phone bag is susceptible to temperature, and thermal expansion and contraction occur, resulting in shortened life of PVC waterproof phone bag.

2. Regular wiping, PVC waterproof phone bag for a long time no need, there will inevitably be dust falling into it, PVC packaging bag factory recommended, before the next use, you should first wipe with a soft cloth with a soft texture, and let it dry naturally.

3. Understand its maximum load capacity. Any PVC waterproof phone bag has a load bearing limit. PVC packaging bag factory reminds that when placing a mobile phone in a bag, one cannot use brute force. Second, do not put more than the maximum load-bearing material of the PVC waterproof phone bag to prevent the bag from being damaged.

The above is the maintenance skills of PVC waterproof phone bag , hope these will help you. If you need to customize the waterproof phone bag , welcome to Yuanliang Industry. Shenzhen Huale Plastic Product Co.,Ltd. is a state-approved PVC bag factory and EVA bag factory, which produces and sells various PVC bags and EVA bags.