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Makeup bags prices
Dec 09, 2017

In this highly fashionable era, even some products also need colorful "outerwear". Everyone has the beauty rights, products also have. 

PVC bags as the market as a common plastic packaging bags, used in major industries, for example, some cosmetics stores or the official store, even a smaller product, when the customer to buy the goods will get a PVC plastic gift bag as giveaway.

PVC packaging bag.jpg

Some high-end merchants will choose to exclusive custom gift bag or cosmetic packaging, the style is generally handbag, ziplock bag, cosmetic bag with zipper.

There are a wide range of products, packaging bags are also different.Now widely circulated on the market pvc bags and eva bags, pvc bags which are more, it is divided into ordinary PVC, eco-friendly PVC, colored PVC, different material, the price is also different.

Our factory mainly produces plastic zipper bags, handbags, cosmetic bags and other soft plastic bags,

All products are factory wholesale price. the price depends on the printing, material, and quantity.

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