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Performance characteristics of EVA packaging bags
Jul 12, 2018

EVA bags are widely used in life. In the previous article, we have introduced her specific application. Now, EVA bag factory introduces its performance characteristics to help you better understand EVA bags.

1. EVA packaging bag has high chemical stability, and EVA packaging bag has good plasticity. In addition to a small number of organic solvents, EVA film packaging bags can withstand any concentration of hydrochloric acid, 90% sulfuric acid, 50-60% nitric acid and 20% or less caustic soda at room temperature, and are quite stable to salt.

2. Non-toxic, pollution-free, recyclable, decomposable, no toxic gas when burning, no pollution to the atmosphere, is a green environmentally friendly material.

3. Does not contain heavy metals: in line with US FDA standards and EU REACH, ROHS, EN71-3, comprehensive migration and other international standards.

4. Light weight, specific gravity of about 0.9, the best product to replace PVC exports.

5. Feel good, smooth, soft, easy to process, can be printed, voltage, ultrasonic processing, sewing and so on.

6. There is no obvious difference in seasonality, low temperature resistance, and the material temperature is -70 ° C ~ -35 ° C;

7. EVA packaging bags produced by EVA Bag Factory have various lines such as transparent, translucent, frosted, 3D, mirror, two-color, diamond, imitation cloth, etc., and can also customize various special lines for customers. The colors are varied and the colors are rich, so you can choose them at will.

8. It has strong adhesion to other materials, such as various fabrics, non-woven fabrics, and mesh nets. It is used for luggage fabrics and other waterproof and moisture-proof fabrics.

The above is the performance characteristics of the EVA packaging bag. Do you want to buy it after reading it? In addition, the EVA packaging bag factory can also add various additives according to the demand to make special-purpose film, such as anti-mildew, anti-bacterial, anti-proof. UV, anti-static, etc.