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Precautions for purchasing EVA bags
Jul 11, 2018

 Shenzhen Huale Plastic Product Co., Ltd is a state-approved PVC bag factory and EVA cosmetic bag factory, producing various plastic bags such as mobile phone waterproof bags, EVA bags, PVC makeup bags, handbags, shopping bags, etc. The plastic bags on the market are dazzling, and the EVA bag factory reminds everyone that there are several precautions when purchasing bags.

1. The plastic packaging bag has no smell and no smell when it leaves the factory. If it encounters a bag with odor, it should be purchased with caution, especially for packaging food. .

2. EVA packaging bag factory reminds that the plastic packaging bag outer packaging should have a logo, written with the name of the factory, the factory site, the full name of the product company, and the product inspection certificate is written under the factory.

3. Buy bags that are best for large-scale production of esophagus to buy, do not save money to go to street stalls to buy, such plastic bags are mostly not in line with the standard.

4. Due to the fact that plastic packaging bags are not easily degraded, they cause environmental pollution. For this reason, it is best to use green packaging materials when purchasing food.

5. Packaging foods should use plastic bags that are written for food packaging bags. EVA packaging bags factory recommends that you use colorless and transparent food bags, because the bags with general colors contain certain toxins.

6. EVA bag factory recommends using plastic bags without coating or plating as much as possible.

EVA bag factory and PVC bag factory must meet the national health standards and health standards when producing food packaging bags, and produce healthy and non-toxic plastic bags. Consumers should also pay attention to the purchase of regular manufacturers' products when purchasing plastic bags. Don't choose cheap and unlicensed products, which will only bring harm to health.