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PVC apparel packaging bag features
Jul 21, 2018

Apparel plastic bags are widely used in materials such as PE, PO, OPP, PVC, non-woven fabrics, etc. Below, the PVC bag factory tells everyone about the characteristics of their clothing bags.

The characteristics of PE and PO materials are: low price, non-toxic, tasteless and reusable.

The characteristics of non-woven fabrics are: environmentally friendly, strong, reusable, and improved.

The characteristics of OPP are: low price, high transparency, high strength, high hardness, can be made into opp self-adhesive bag, easy to use, but can only directly package clothes, can not be made into a handbag style.

The characteristics of PVC are: soft, strong, can improve the grade of the product, can be made into a zipper bag, but the price is higher. Moreover, this type of plastic packaging bag has a low recycling rate.

Different types of clothing bags are used differently. According to PVC bag manufacturers, PE, non-woven fabrics and paper bags are mainly used in shopping bags of specialty stores, which is convenient for customers to take away clothes. The OPP and PVC material plastic packaging bags are mainly used for packaging clothes, keeping the clothes sanitary, preventing moisture, dust and improving product quality.

apparel  packaging bags

The general apparel  packaging bags are printed with various information of the merchants, which is a good propaganda means to improve the popularity of the merchants. Customized clothing bags Welcome to Shenzhen Huale Plastic Product Co.,Ltd. PVC packaging bags factory, we produce PVC bags, EVA bag factory, mobile phone waterproof bags, zipper bags, handbags and other products, welcome to consult.