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PVC bag factory explain the production of card holder
Jul 06, 2018

In real life, ID card holder are used in many places. For example, student ID cards, work permits, etc. will be used in the ID bag, and a large part is made of PVC. PVC material has the characteristics of hardness, transparency and waterproof, so it is the only product of PVC bag factory to produce ID card holder.

card holder

PVC card holder are made very simple, generally rectangular, with a hook on the top, which can be hung with a rope, or can be hung on the chest with a safety pin. The PVC document bag produced by the PVC packaging bag factory is generally pressed with a waterproof zipper. It is usually waterproof in the accidental water, and the other is to ensure the global transparency of the document bag, and the contents inside can be clearly seen outside. More convenient.

Nowadays, many companies need documents to be able to use them. This greatly ensues the demand for document bags and can become a development direction for PVC bag factories.