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PVC bag production process
Aug 15, 2018

PVC bags are filled with every corner of people's lives. Gift bags, stationery packaging, supermarket shopping, etc. will use PVC bags. Then you know how PVC bags are produced? Now PVC cosmetic bag factory introduces the production process of PVC bags.

The production and processing methods of PVC bags commonly used in PVC cosmetic bag factory are usually high-frequency hot pressing or sewing.

The high-frequency hot-pressed PVC bag, that is, the PVC film is cut into pieces after being cut into pieces, the silk screen printing (which is mostly silk screen printing) is required, and then it is hot-pressed by a high-frequency machine. Generally, copper is required to be ordered. The mold is then produced. The hot-pressed PVC bag can be pressed into PVC sleeve bag, PVC welt bag, PVC toothless zipper bag, PVC tote bag, PVC ziplock bag, PVC beach bag, waterproof phone bag and other styles.

Sewing PVC bags, after the printing is finished, directly sewing with a sewing machine such as a flat car or a high car. Generally, there are nylon zippers and other accessories.

High-frequency hot pressing or sewing is a kind of PVC bag production process often used by PVC cosmetic bags factory. The PVC bags produced by these two methods have the characteristics of exquisite appearance, stable performance, practical and durable, environmental protection and health, etc.