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PVC bags also need maintenance
Jul 13, 2018

All kinds of PVC packaging bags produced by PVC bag factory have a protective effect: a product must be circulated before it can reach the hands of consumers. In this process, the PVC packaging bag plays a role in protecting the product from damage, ensuring protection. Product safety. On the other hand, PVC packaging plastic bags also have the function of preventing cold, so that the products will not be deformed and cracked under severe cold weather, thus ensuring the quality of the products.

The effect of PVC packaging plastic bags is that under the beautiful packaging, consumers can still clearly see the shape of the inner goods. It is a marketing tool with great propaganda effect and greatly reflects the quality of the products.

The life of PVC bags is also longer than that of ordinary plastic bags. However, to extend the use time of plastic bags, maintenance is also required.

1. Applying a candle or wax on the zipper can improve the problem of the zipper.

2. You can use the color paste on the zipper to complement the color, or use the white electric oil to lightly wipe the denitrification part of the zipper, remove the stain.

3. If the zipper is oxidized, gently wipe off the black spots of the zipper with sandpaper or with a sanding rubber, then gently wipe with wax.