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PVC bags factory produces a wide range of packaging bags
Jul 05, 2018

Disposable bags are very common, such as white plastic bags for some foods, which we usually see and use when we have breakfast. The bags produced by PVC bag factory Huale Plastic are of high quality and environmentally friendly. PVC packaging bag factory Yuanliang industrial students stationery bags, clothing bags, zipper bags, cosmetic bags, handbags, etc., a wide range of uses, can be used multiple times.

PVC packaging bags factory Huale plastic commonly used plastic packaging bags according to the number of times of use, can be divided into one-time packaging bags, multiple use packaging bags and turnover bags.

1. A single-use bag refers to a bag that can only be used once and is not recycled.

2. Multiple use of the packaging bag refers to the packaging bag that can be reused after being properly processed and recycled.

3. The packaging bag for turnover refers to the packaging bag used by the factory and the store for fixed turnover and multiple reuse. Like our usual hand bag, zipper bag and so on.

PVC packaging bag factory, EVA packaging bag factory Huale plastic production packaging bags for gifts, cosmetics, electronics, stationery, toys, clothing, decorations and other industries and consumer goods for the outer packaging, the products are sold all over the world.