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PVC bags production technology
Oct 20, 2016

PVC bag production is usually high frequency hot pressing or stitching sewing. High frequency hot PVC bag, PVC film, through feed cut first on-demand printing of silk screen printing (most commonly used screen printing PVC), then the high frequency machine and hot, often requires custom mold production. PVC gift bag as a packing bags, packaging bags are the most popular, bags are the most widely used. We analyzed three reasons, PVC gift bag great rush: a: PVC gift bag, packaging not only effects should also be able to play a role in maintenance, bags can be played very well during the delivery process, maintenance of effect. II: PVC gift bag, colds, it can bring in cold climates are not damaged, so good to ensure product quality. Three: consumers can not only enjoy the look and feel of PVC gift bag charm, don't cover up the appearance of the product content, promotes the intension of commodity effect was the best.