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PVC cosmetic bags production process
Jul 12, 2018

Shenzhen Huale Plastic Product Co., Ltd is a strength PVC bag factory and EVA bag factory. We can customize various PVC cosmetic bags and EVA makeup bags according to customer requirements. Custom PVC bags are an important way for enterprises to package their products. Below, Let's see how the PVC bag factory produces PVC cosmetic bags.

Each PVC cosmetic bag is designed by the customer or the PVC cosmetic bag factory according to the requirements of the customer. According to the design style, special procedures are required to make the mold. The mold is made according to different specifications, and the voltage intensity is adjusted according to different thicknesses. Different PVC and other plastic bags can be made by various parameters such as temperature.

After the customer places an order, the PVC cosmetic bag factory needs to customize the molds and screens of various sizes according to the size and printing of the plastic bags, and then according to the specifications of the bags, the corresponding patterns can be printed. These patterns are formulated at the beginning of the design, and some special needs to screen the entire pattern on the plastic bag, it must be screened after the voltage, so as to ensure the voltage will not affect the voltage due to silk screen.

After the materials and printing are ready, most PVC cosmetic bags need zippers, so the PVC packaging bag factory needs to pull the zipper high-frequency voltage first, and then through the whole mold, the cosmetic bag can be made out. It is necessary to adjust various parameters of the high-frequency machine according to the various strengths of the hot pressing of the plastic bag, so that the made cosmetic bag can achieve wear-resisting and durable effects.