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PVC file bag what are the characteristics
Nov 24, 2017

     PVC file bag what are the characteristics

  PVC film can be processed into bags through the cut, heat seal. PVC file bag is very useful, PVC file bag series is mainly used for cosmetic packaging, mobile phone waterproof bag, bank card holder,passport cover, gift packaging, stationery packaging, bathing product packaging and other packaging industries and cosmetics promotions.

   Now all walks of life have used plastic bags, only sub-grade, such as the vegetable market is the worst, the supermarket in general, to food packaging non-toxic environmentally friendly plastic bags.

  There are advantages and disadvantages, if it is a new material, printing ink is also non-toxic can be used safely, if the use of renewable materials, the taste has an odor. That is poor. There is the plastic bag we used to bring cooked food, it is best to come back from the supermarket after the food should be taken out to avoid long-term contact with food and plastic bags, chemical reaction products. That's bad for the body.

PVC file bag features:

1. Plastic bags can be used by people who get the greatest convenience;

2, the common use of plastic bags is cheaper affordable than other similar products;

3, because of their own light, a carton can make a lot of people use;

4, the new plastic bag "degradation" type can make it more environmentally friendly;

5, plastic bag color artist can also create it into works of art

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