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PVC Makeup bag
Dec 14, 2017

  There are many makeup bags on the market, Such as the store's set packaging, own pouch, storage box, etc., makup pouch storage bag common pvc makeup bag, pvc makeup bag can be used for makup packaging and daily storage, whether it is makeup business or consumers can be used directly.

PVC makeup bag

  Some makeup companies in general will be large quantities of custom pvc makeup bag, because their products need more fit the packaging, custom make their own makeup packaging will make their products appear more upscale, and highlight the brand.

   Amazon, ebay and other platforms have a lot of retail pvc makeup bag, and are very nice, price, many women are willing to buy, the demand is very large!

   Shenzhen Huale Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of custom makeup bags, all makeup bags are wholesale prices. 

If you have any custom requirements, Please  do not hesitate to contact us!