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PVC packaging bag factory provides various PVC bags
Jul 03, 2018

  PVC packaging bags produced by PVC packaging bags manufacturer are beautiful and applicable, transparent and soft, cold and environmentally friendly, diverse in style and economical. Can be used in cosmetics, food, clothing, textiles, stationery, hardware, gifts, electronics and other industries.

PVC Packaging Bag

  The PVC bag factory adopts general-purpose PVC, ultra-transparent PVC, environmentally-friendly PVC, EVA, etc. as raw materials, and the accessories are zippers, buttons, moldings, hoses, webbings, etc., with high-frequency welding and sewing, etc. Customers request printing LOGO and all kinds of exquisite patterns, custom-made bags of various specifications.

  Shenzhen Huale Plastic PVC Packaging Bag Factory has established long-term cooperative relationship with many enterprises with abundant capital, huge productivity, reasonable price and excellent service. Designed for customers to design mobile phone waterproof bags, environmentally friendly plastic bags, voltage bags, high frequency hot pressed products, toy bags, clothing bags, EVA voltage bags, bone bags, hook bags, PVC inflatable pillow, jelly bags, food Supplies bags, paper bags and other products.