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PVC packaging materials
Oct 20, 2016

Environment friendly PVC color boxes and PET plastic box, PP folding box, plastic box, matte boxes and plastic boxes. Main for: cosmetics packaging, and drug packaging, and electronic packaging, and Toy Gift packaging, and health products packaging, and food packaging, and life supplies packaging, and hardware packaging, and stationery packaging, various packaging 1. products material: main has PVC, and pp, and pet, and tablets material, and volume material 2. products sacrifice levy: environmental, electrostatic processing, common has gilded, plant velvet, Twill, transparent, mill sand, white, other color material, protection film of material 3. products style: straight type, and cross type, and pillow type, hanging type, aircraft hole type, bottle-like type, and round, and Folding boxes of various shapes such as triangles. 4. Printing-----UV offset printing machine screen printing, offset printing, bronzing, matte matte printing 5. composition: glue machine, method for ultrasonic pressure side and buckle