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PVC plastic bag and PVC bag production process
Nov 08, 2017

As a kind of plastic bag, PVC bag is made of PVC film processed into a plastic bag.

       According to the PVC film thickness and different uses, PVC bags are often used as clothing bags, metal packing bags, cosmetics bags, stationery bags, toy bags, craft jewelry bags, gift bags, inflatable pillow and other product packaging . Many high-end products manufacturers generally use PVC bags to package, beauty products, enhance product quality, but the price is more expensive than the OPP bag / PE bag.

        PVC bag production and processing methods are usually high-frequency hot seal or sewing. High-frequency hot-seal PVC bag, that is, PVC film by cutting the material into the film, the need to print the first silk screen (mostly PVC screen printing), and then use high-frequency machine hot pressing, generally require custom copper Mold and then to be produced. Hot-pressing PVC bags can be compressed into PVC sleeve bags, PVC embossed bags, PVC zipper-free bags, PVC handbags, PVC ziplock bags and other styles.  After the PVC bag is printed,  sewing directly with the sewing machine, usually there will be nylon zipper and other accessories.

Take PVC zipper bag for example, PVC zipper bag is made of PVC material plus a PVC zipper, is generally made into flat pockets, with two transparent materials pressed into the outside can do screen printing, you can use a variety of transparent, matte, colored material!


PVC is divided into two kinds of low toxicity and environmental protection materials

        Zipper bags are generally divided into two types, flat pockets and three-dimensional bags.

       Flat pocket production speed is generally fast, but now there are automatic high frequency voltage machine, the production will be faster.

         Zipper bag in the process of pressing, pay attention to the width of the pressure side, can not be pressed too deep, otherwise there will be burrs ( Burr is a raised part of the plastic that feels rough to the touch ,  usually at the edges and corners).