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PVC plastic synthesis method
Jul 23, 2018

PVC bag factory uses PVC plastic to produce all kinds of PVC plastic bags. Then, how is PVC plastic synthesized? Now, let's listen to the explanation of PVC bag factory.

Pencil case

PVC plastic is made from liquid vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) by suspension, emulsion, bulk or solution process. The suspension polymerization process has mature production process, simple operation, low production cost, variety of products and wide application range. It has been the main method of producing PVC resin. Followed by the emulsion method for the production of PVC paste resin. The polymerization reaction is initiated by a radical, and the reaction temperature is generally 40 to 70 OC. The reaction temperature and the concentration of the initiator have a great influence on the polymerization rate and the molecular weight distribution of the PVC resin.

The synthesis method of PVC plastics is introduced here for everyone. Let's talk about the advantages of PVC packaging bags. PVC bags have the characteristics of high transparency, cold and moisture resistance, exquisite appearance, long use time, environmental protection, non-toxicity, easy explanation, etc. PVC bags are widely used in life. Shenzhen Huale Plastic Product Co.,Ltd is a professional PVC bag factory, production and sales of various PVC plastic bags, packaging bags, cosmetic bag, EVA bag, toiletry bag, handbag, document bag, pencil case inflatable pillow.