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PVC waterproof bag multi-role
Jul 27, 2018

Small plastic bags have a great effect. We use various plastic bags almost every day in our lives. PVC waterproof bags provide us with great convenience in the days. According to the PVC cosmetic bag factory, the function of the PVC waterproof bag for today's consumers includes four aspects.

1. Shell maintenance. The outer casing can separate food from oxygen, water vapor, stains, etc. Anti-leakage is also an essential element in PVC waterproof bag packaging planning. Preservation of food during the shelf life is clean, fresh and full of packaging is the primary function of the package.

2. Safe. Packaging can play an important role in reducing the safety risks of transportation. The bag also prevents food from being returned to other products. Food packaging can also reduce the ability of food to be stolen. Some food packaging is very solid and has anti-counterfeiting labels to protect the interests of the business from loss.

3. Convenience. PVC waterproof bags can be easily added, loaded, unloaded, stacked, displayed, sold, opened, reloaded, utilized and reused.

4. Promotion. Promotion often uses box labels to encourage potential buyers to purchase products. Promotional communication and graphic planning are applied to the outer box and the highlights of the sale.

PVC bags bring great convenience, but also cause environmental pollution problems. Nowadays, PVC cosmetic bag manufacturers, under the premise of advocating capital saving and maintaining the environment, must think about how to make PVC waterproof bags develop on the road of green environmental protection and produce green and environmentally friendly products.