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Selection and finishing of Cosmetic bag
Nov 29, 2017

Selection and finishing of Cosmetic bag

Often see girls in schools, restaurants, department stores, railway stations, airports, cinema toilets like Marmot to find cosmetics in a huge cosmetic bag.

Because each person's skin and makeup requirements are different, the items in the cosmetic bag are generally not the same. Some people like to go out to bring all the cosmetics, some people like to simplify,depending on the size and style of the bag, different cosmetic bags and cosmetics are used for the day's travel plans.

1) Cosmetic bag of choice

Cosmetic bag is divided into two kinds of flat and three-dimensional, Flat cosmetic bag is more suitable for tote bag or backpack.

n10 (6).jpg

With this flat cosmetic bag, the cosmetics are laid flat to save space and make the cosmetic bag stand out. At the same time as flat-bottomed bags are more likely to be squeezed, if the cosmetic bag to put the hand cream / cream, the best choice is capping cosmetics.

Clear PVC travel makeup bag with YKK zipper.jpg

Such a three-dimensional cosmetic bag, it is better to find somethings you need ... ... do not need to pour out, and do not protrude like the flat cosmetic bag

Choose a cosmetic bag that is easier to care for and clean. PVC amd leather will be easier to clean, just a wipe Some cloth purse may be a little troublesome, accidentally wiping lipstick or other things will be difficult to clean up.

So, to summarize:

a) flat cosmetic bag: suitable tote bag, backpack and short-term travel. Put cosmetics flat

b) three-dimensional cosmetic bag: easy to find

c) Choose a cosmetic bag that is easy to clean