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Start with these transparent bags and become fashionable!
Aug 21, 2018

On a hot summer day, there are always people who don't want to carry a bag, but if you don't carry a bag, there are some things to be left, so some brands have started to show transparent bags that look like plastic bags. Let's talk about the transparent bags that are especially popular this year.

cosmetic bag .jpg

In fact, in the past few years, transparent bags have appeared, but they have not been popular with the public. But this year, the transparent bag has become a trend. Whether it is on the show or in the streets, we can see it. The material of this bag is a kind of plastic, so it is not afraid to be drenched on rainy days. Its material is very textured, it is suitable for the popular street style.

Clear Tote bag.jpg

The transparent bag can be hot this year. The big reason is that it conforms to the current style. Like other bags, it has launched a variety of styles, such as Tote bag, shoulder bag, iredescent pouch, transparent cylinder bag etc.

HL201822 (8).jpg

The transparent bag can be completely matched with your own preferences, because his appearance is transparent, so no matter what is inside it can be revealed. Can be completely matched.