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The application of PVC flat pockets
Apr 19, 2018

The application of PVC flat pockets

When various cards are used, various types of packaging are required to protect the cards, generally the most suitable one is the flat pocket. The material used for the flat pockets can be PVC, EVA, etc. It can also be applied to many other different packages.

Some protective sleeves are also made of flat pockets,  it is only necessary to add a small hole for hanging strings, brooch, etc. during production. The commonly used protective sleeves are made of PVC flat pockets, The production of these flat pockets is very simple. If the customer needs, it can also be properly added a zipper, more convenient to take out and put the card, it is the most practical kind of card holder.

The sorting of documents also requires flat pockets, after sorting using different file bags, you can use the small pockets on the front of the file bag to place the sorting labels, this will also make the files easier and faster to be used. 

PVC Flat pockets are suitable for all sorts of documents in daily office, as well as some other aspects, it is convenient and quick to use file, and promoted work efficiency. They are one of the plastic bags worth using.

PVC flat pocket