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The Characteristics of PVC zipper bag
Jul 27, 2018

Plastic products are widely used in our lives. Nowadays, people can't do without plastic products, and PVC plastic bags are widely used. Today, PVC cosmetic bag factory introduces the characteristics of PVC zipper bags.

The PVC zipper bag is a PVC bag with a PVC film and a nylon zipper, a metal zipper, a zipper, a diamond zipper, and a rubber zipper. It has the characteristics of softness, good touch, good stability, waterproof function, etc., and it can print various pictures through different screen letters and different colors according to the planning needs.

glitter bag

PVC zipper bags are inexpensive, in the same level zipper bag, pvc zipper bag offer is the most favorable, and environmental performance is good, is the first choice for export product packaging. All kinds of cosmetic bags, gift bags, metal bags, etc. are made of PVC, and the products after packaging are exquisite and beautiful, which has improved the grade and is more popular with consumers.

Many PVC cosmetic bag manufacturers can customize PVC zipper bags to print the company's information, logos, product information, etc. onto PPVC packaging bags, which has a good publicity effect and can enhance the visibility of enterprises and products.