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The main purpose EVA material
Jul 11, 2018

According to the EVA packaging bag factory, EVA materials are widely used. Under normal circumstances, EVA with a vinyl acetate content of less than 5%, its main products are film, wire and cable, LDPE modifier, adhesive, etc., vinyl acetate content of 5% ~ 45%, the main products are film (including agricultural film) And sheets, injection molding, molded products, foamed products, hot melt adhesives, and the like.

(1) Film, sheet and laminate: seal, adhesion, flexibility, toughness, shrinkage, suitable for flexible packaging film, heat shrinkable film, agricultural film, food packaging film, laminated film, can be used Used as an intermediate layer of a polyolefin laminate film.

(2) General supplies: It has the advantages of flexibility, resistance to environmental stress cracking, and good weather resistance. It is suitable for industrial materials such as power wire insulation bags, household appliance parts, window sealing materials, etc.

(3) Daily groceries include packaging bags, sporting goods, toys, cushions, drawstrings, sealed container lids, and EVA rubber football.

4) Auto parts include shock absorbers, fenders, and interior and exterior decorative parts.

(5) Foamed products: foamed foamed plastic slippers, sandals, building materials, etc. Injection molding foam has various industrial parts, women's soles, hot melt adhesives and so on.

Through the above analysis, we can see that EVA materials have many advantages and are widely used. Another important use of EVA materials is the manufacture of various EVA bags, such as mobile phone waterproof bags, computer bags, stationery bags, handbags and shopping bags. EVA bags produced by EVA Bag Factory are not only durable and practical, but also very beautiful. The gift used to package gifts can give people a sense of high-end atmosphere and attract customers.