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What are the advantages of environmentally friendly plastic bags compared to ordinary plastic bags?
Jul 21, 2018

PVC bags and EVA bags factory Shenzhen Huale Plastic Product Co.,Ltd. produced pvc bags, EVA bags are environmentally friendly plastic bags. Below, we look at the PVC bag factory to see what advantages the green plastic bag has compared with the ordinary plastic bag star.

1. The environmentally-friendly plastic bags produced by PVC bags factory have the characteristics of melting in case of moisture, which can be more sanitary, non-toxic and non-polluting than traditional plastic bags, effectively avoiding the environmental pressure brought by traditional plastic bags.

2. The environmentally-friendly plastic bag has stronger tensile strength and softness, and the weight it bears far exceeds that of traditional plastic bags.

3. Environmentally friendly plastic bags can also be heat sealed and printable. Ordinary plastic bags can produce harmful substances when heated or subjected to high temperature burning, and environmentally friendly plastic bags can completely avoid such incidents.

4. The environmental protection bag has good gas barrier property, which can effectively prevent the food in the bag from rot due to contact with the air, and also has the characteristics of antistatic and dust absorption.

5. A greater advantage of environmentally friendly plastic bags is that they can be recycled and reused, saving resources and protecting the environment.

The PVC bag factory here also reminds the majority of friends who use plastic bags. Although the environmental protection bags can be reused, plastic bags printed with typefaces and patterns cannot be used any more.