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What are the advantages of EVA materials?
Jul 14, 2018

EVA materials are widely used to make a variety of plastic products. For example, EVA stationery bags, EVA cosmetic bags, sporting goods, shoe materials, and the like. Why is EVA material so popular? The EVA bag factory believes that it is mainly because it has many advantages.

1. Biodegradable: Products made of EVA materials will not cause harm to the environment when discarded or burned.

2. Lighter weight: EVA has a density ranging from 0.91 to 0.93, while PVC is 1.32.

3. Does not contain heavy metals: in line with the relevant international toy regulations (EN-71 Part 3 and ASTM-F963).

4. Does not contain phthalates: suitable for the manufacture of children's toys and environmental protection bags, will not produce the risk of plasticizer release.

5. High softness and toughness, the application is very extensive, the most is used by the EVA bag factory to produce a variety of EVA bags.

6. Super low temperature resistance (-70C), water resistance, salt and other substances, stability is very good.

With so many advantages, it has established the position of EVA materials in the industry of products. Products made with EVA materials are welcomed by users. EVA packaging bags manufacturers remind that the price of general EVA materials is higher than other similar products, so when buying, if the price is cheaper than other materials, then it should be cautious, it may not be EVA products or inferior products.