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What are the unique benefits of PVC bags?
Aug 08, 2018

Being is reasonable, every thing has its own unique advantages. Of course, PVC also has an irreplaceable role in other materials. Compared with paper bags and cloth bags, PVC has unique advantages, let the PVC cosmetic bag factory tell you.

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Compared with paper bags, PVC bags use industrial production materials, which can effectively reduce the number of trees and water pollution. Although PVC is difficult to be completely degraded in a short time, the energy required to recycle a pound of PVC is about 91% less than that of an equivalent paper bag. PVC is more environmentally conscious than paper bags.

Compared with cloth bags, PVC bags are not abrasion-resistant, low-recycling, and cannot be washed. However, pvc bags also have some functions that cannot be replaced by cloth bags, such as waterproof function, transparency, flexibility, and corrosion resistance.

PVC cosmetic bag factory concluded that PVC packaging bags are widely used in electronic products and daily necessities because of their good transparency, flame retardant, moisture-proof, waterproof, excellent insulation, strong anti-fouling ability, compact, crisp and beautiful. , toys, cosmetics, stationery, light industry hardware and other industry packaging.