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Why is the transparency of PVC bags high?
Jul 25, 2018

We all know that high transparency is a major feature of PVC bags. So, do you know why the transparency of PVC bags is relatively high? The PVC bag factory explained that the effect of heat stabilizers on PVC transparency is determined by the following factors.

1, the refractive index of the stabilizer

The heat stabilizer is the same or similar to the visible light refractive index of 1.52-1.55 of the PVC resin, and the PVC product of the PVC bag factory has better transparency, and vice versa.

2. Linear length of stabilizer molecules (molecular groups)

The thermal stabilizer molecules (or molecular groups) have a linear length less than the visible wavelength of 400-735 nm, less refracted light, higher transparency, and less transparency.

3. The "solubility" of heat stabilizer in PVC, ie compatibility

By compatibility is meant the mutual affinity of two or more substances when mixed. Good compatibility means that it is possible to achieve molecular-level dispersion. The heat stabilizer has good compatibility with the PVC resin in the molten state, and the shape is not two-phase, that is, the interface or the interface is not obvious, and the refracted light is less, and the transparency of the PVC product of the PVC bag manufacturer is high.

The transparency of PVC bags will affect the quality of PVC bags. In the process of production, PVC packaging bags factories must strictly control various additives to improve transparency.