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Packaging Bag Both Beautiful
Aug 03, 2017

First vacuum packaging can keep the product fresh, regardless of food or electronic products are needed moisture, dry, vacuum and other treatment. After the vacuum treatment, you can extend the shelf life of the product, Packaging Bag and can reduce the company's storage, transportation costs, in the absence of vacuum before, may need to do cold, sterile, dry warehouses and trucks, so the required funds are Huge, Packaging Bag done after the vacuum, these costs can be saved.

Because the general density of plastic bags is not high, Packaging Bag so the need to use vacuum bags. Do vacuum bags are both beautiful, convenient, Packaging Bag nice and can be saved for a long time. General plastic bags save food time is short, food is easy to degenerate, and vacuum bags can reduce this problem.

Vacuum bags can be exhausted all the air inside the package, Packaging Bag so that products can be anti-oxidation, mildew, insects, damp, extend the product shelf life, so that packaging items more beautiful.

 Vacuum is mainly removed oxygen, there is nitrogen shelf life, the principle is also in addition to oxygen, but also to protect the bag food will not be crushed. Packaging Bag Think of what to remove the oxygen, microbial stupidity and death of the explanation does not fly, many microbes are anaerobic, oxygen but inhibit microbial reproduction, under hypoxia conditions to promote microbial growth, Packaging Bag accelerated deterioration. Packaging Bag In order to prevent this situation, the general vacuum packaging or nitrogen shelf life before the bacteria must kill the next step. In real life, people are always afraid to come into contact with toxic plastic. But if you tell you that the bag can be used to do starch, you will be afraid? At the Fifth National People's Congress this year, the National People's Congress, Jiangnan University Vice President, Packaging Bag State Key Laboratory of Food Science and Technology Jin Zhengyu put the promotion of the use of starch bags recommended to the venue.

Compared to cheap plastic bags, many people worry that bio-packaging bags are too expensive to use. For this worry, Jin Zhengyu smiled and told reporters: "With starch manufacturing bags in the technology has been relatively mature, and now the national corn stocks are high, corn starch prices are very cheap.We measured, Packaging Bag according to traditional plastic 20% starch-based materials Alternative, theoretically every year there will be more than 20 million tons of market demand.To blown film end products starch content of 30%, Packaging Bag plastic, injection molding end products starch content of 50% or more, is expected to consume 800-1200 million starch per year Ton, the conversion of corn 1150-1700 million tons of cost and the current plastic bag is almost the same.

How to promote this green bag? Jin Zhengyu proposed the combination of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, "Environmental labeling products, Packaging Bag technical requirements of plastic packaging products," the certification requirements to encourage enterprises and catering business and electricity business platform manufacturing, procurement and use of the Ministry of Environmental Protection Environmental certification product certification of bio-based packaging bags packaging food, Packaging Bag Guide consumers to purchase food that is packaged in a "bio-based content" logo. In addition, the state should also develop tax incentives, will use starch-based plastics into the "comprehensive utilization of resources, corporate income tax list" to encourage enterprises to produce and export green bags.