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Packaging Bag Development History
Oct 10, 2017

Packing bags refer to bags used for packing various kinds of goods, so that the goods can be transported easily and easily stored in the process of production and circulation. It is widely used in daily life and industrial production. The actual figures show that 80 percent of the plastic bags used in the past are shipped to the landfill site and only 7 percent of the plastic is recycled.

According to the production process, it is often divided into plastic bag, composite packaging bag.

Classification of raw materials: high pressure polyethylene plastic bags, low pressure polyethylene plastic bags, polypropylene plastic bags, polyvinyl chloride plastic bags, etc.

Classification by appearance: vest bag, straight tube bag, stereo bag, square bottom bag. Seal pockets, rubber bags, bags, etc.

Plastic bags include plastic woven bags and plastic film bags. The former has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance and so on. After adding plastic film lining, it can prevent moisture and moisture. The lightweight bag weighs less than 2.5kg and the medium size bag weighs 25-50kg and the heavy bag weighs 50-100kg. The latter light bags carry weight above 1kg; Medium bagged weight 1-10kg; Heavy bag load 10-30kg; The loading bag is more than 1000kg.

Packaged bag

Composite soft packaging materials will eventually be made into a variety of packing bags. There are two ways to make a bag. One is to use the packaging to fill the automatic packaging machine with the roll film, and the packaging becomes a variety of packaging bags. The other is that the bag is made into various packaging bags and then reloaded into the contents. Due to the precision of professional bag control, the bag type is beautiful, the bag changes big, the bag type is much, so, in quite a number of cases, the bag is first made. The main varieties of bags are: three side sealing bags (sealed bag), back sealing bag, folding help (organ bag), upright bag, etc

Development history

The commodity of packaging itself is also becoming more and more obvious. It has become a special product which is no longer attached to commodity production, and a widely used product which is inseparable from all products.

Scientists have developed an eco-friendly plastic bag made from electrolytes that can be dissociated harmlessly and can also be dissolved in water.

According to scientists, products made of polymer plastics, which are common in life, will take hundreds of years to be fully decomposed, and will remain on earth for hundreds of years. According to the actual figures, 80 percent of the plastic bags are used in plastic bags, which are then transported to the landfill site in the same way as normal garbage. Only 7 percent of the plastic is recycled.

This new environmental plastic bag will not release harmful substances in the process of decomposition. It can even break down into the natural substances that insects love. It will help to protect the natural environment.