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Packaging Bag Functional Classification
Oct 27, 2017

Packaging bags are used for packaging a variety of supplies bags, so that the goods in the production process to facilitate the transport, easy to store. Widely used in daily life and industrial production. The actual figures show that 80% of the plastic bags used, and the general garbage is shipped to the garbage dump area, only seven percent of the plastic recycling is recycled.

Packaging itself is also more and more significant commodity, it has become a no longer attached to the production of special products, a commodity is inseparable from the widely used products.

Scientists have developed an environmentally friendly plastic bag made of electrolytes, this environmentally friendly plastic bags can not only be harmless decomposition, and this environmentally friendly plastic bags can also be dissolved in water.

According to scientists explained that life in the common polymer plastic materials made of products that take hundreds of years to be able to be completely decomposed, there will be hundreds of years on Earth. According to the actual figures show that 80% of the use of plastic bags, and ultimately the same as the general garbage was transported to the garbage dump area processing, only seven percent of the plastic recycling recycling.

This new environmentally friendly plastic bag in the decomposition process will not release harmful substances, and even broken down into insects favorite natural substances, to protect the natural environment has played a great help.

Plastic film bags of raw materials for polyethylene. Plastic bags do give us a convenient life, but this time the convenience has brought long-term harm.

According to the production of raw materials classification: high-pressure polyethylene plastic bags, low-pressure polyethylene plastic bags, polypropylene plastic bags, PVC plastic bags.

According to the shape classification: vest bag, straight bag, three-dimensional bag, square bottom bag. Sealed bags, plastic bags, shaped bags, and so on.

The various characteristics of the material together to improve the permeability of the packaging material, moisture permeability, oil resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance, to play pest control, dust, microbes, light, fragrant, smelly And other odor isolation, as well as heat, cold, impact resistance with better mechanical strength and processing performance, and a good printing and decorative effect.

In the form of packaging: three side seal, yin and yang bags, in the closure, pillow bags, five side sealed bags, eight side sealed bags, self-reliance bags, zipper bags, straw bags,

Functional classification: high Yin diaphragm bags, cooking film bags, antistatic film bags, antibacterial film bags, anti-fog film bags, vacuum bags, chemical film bags, deoxygenated packaging bags,

According to the material classification: laser aluminum coated paper material, laser transfer paper materials, paper composite materials, aluminum composite materials, plastic composite materials, fabric composite materials.