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Packaging Bag Have Advantages
Oct 12, 2017

First, the wholesale market, wholesale bags in the wholesale market there are many wholesale bags in the wholesale market to do the advantage of the field can look at the quality of bags, Packaging Bag to determine whether it is suitable for their own needs, but the drawback is that the bag Less species.

Second, the shop, the development of e-commerce is certainly the physical business of the store had a great impact, but each have their own advantages, online shop to do a wide range of wholesale bags, Packaging Bag fully meet the needs of customers , The price is relatively cheap compared to the store, but relatively there is a certain shortcoming, that is, quality is not necessarily guaranteed, because only according to the picture to make a decision.

Third, the professional packaging business, the development of the packaging industry, but also a lot of professional packaging enterprises to develop rapidly, the advantages of professional enterprises is highly professional, can be completely tailor-made for customers a set of programs, Packaging Bag From the bag design, packaging bags custom, packaging bags printing, packaging, wholesale and other aspects of professional customer service, but because of this professional performance makes the price may be higher than their own purchase.

So although the cost is higher, but usually still choose carton packaging plant. The biggest drawback of carton packaging is poor water resistance. But also because of this so the Guangzhou Fan carton factory produced a waterproof moisture-proof cartons, cold storage cartons, packaging industry is a raw material who will break through the bottleneck, plastic packaging will not withdraw from the market, but its relative to the carton carton packaging down The stage of history is only a matter of time. Carton factory will not be because of plastic packaging and decline, but with the development of technology continue to glow in the packaging industry! We all face face, Packaging Bag so the problem of excessive packaging and waste came into being.

This is a very beautiful paper gift box, which is loaded with three bottles of glass packaging red dates lotus soup. The pattern on the packaging is very beautiful, Packaging Bag people look at will have a very desire to eat. But we have a problem in the food out of the box, there is a bubble inside the box, glass bottles inlaid on the top, very bad to take out, took nearly 1 minute before they take down. Packaging Bag And so take it only to find that the food label is very large, the whole bottle are wrapped up, the United States does not say first, is simply a waste. And so open the bottle, only to see the plastic bag of powder. Only three bags of food, Packaging Bag with so many packaging items, paper, plastic packaging, glass packaging, people feel very waste. Although the packaging is very beautiful, but not practical, invisible also increased the added value of goods.