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Packaging Bag Important Position
Jul 04, 2017

Packaging Bag Food in human society occupies a very important position, Packaging Bag food packaging bags as food packaging that we are no stranger, but his function is limited to the protection of food only?

Protecting food is one of the important roles of bags. Food in the process of circulation, may be subject to a variety of external factors, causing damage, pollution, Packaging Bag leakage or deterioration, so that food or loss of use value. Scientific and reasonable packaging, can make food resistance to a variety of external factors damage, thus protecting the performance of food to ensure food quality and quantity of intact.

The bag provides the conditions and convenience for food circulation. The food is packaged in a certain quantity, shape, size, size and different container, Packaging Bag and is usually printed with a variety of signs outside the food packaging bag, reflecting the name, quantity, size, Packaging Bag color, and the overall package size of the package , Gross weight, net weight, factory name, site and storage and transportation in the note, which is conducive to the allocation of food distribution, inventory count, Packaging Bag but also conducive to the rational use of various means of transport and warehouse capacity, improve transport, Packaging Bag loading and unloading, stacking efficiency and storage Transport effect, speed up food circulation, improve the economic benefits of food circulation.

Exquisite food packaging bags, Packaging Bag can play a landscaping food, promote food and promote the role of sales. Packaging bags can not only improve the market competitiveness of food, but also with its unique and unique artistic charm to attract customers, to guide consumption, Packaging Bag as consumers promote the purchase of the dominant factor, is the silent sales of food. Quality packaging in improving the export of food sales force, expand exports, promote the development of foreign trade and so on are of great significance.

Sales bags with food different, Packaging Bag in a variety of forms, suitable for packaging size, easy to carry, save and use. Packaging on the drawings, trademarks and text description, both to facilitate the identification of consumers, but also introduced the food composition, nature, use, use and storage methods, play a convenient and guide the role of consumption.

Food bags are closely related to production costs. Packaging Bag Reasonable packaging can make scattered food in a certain number of forms of integration, which greatly improve the loading capacity and easy loading and unloading transport, you can save transportation costs, storage costs and other expenses. Some packaging can also be recycled several times, saving packaging materials and packaging containers production, Packaging Bag help to reduce costs and improve economic efficiency.

In order to carry out the packaging design more effectively,Packaging Bag we can classify the packaging according to the nature, use and structure of the bag.

1, according to the structure of the classification of bags, packaging can be divided into window-type bags, shopping bags, bags, closed bags, POP bags and so on.

2, according to the circulation of functional classification, packaging can be divided into a bag, in the bag, large bags.

A bag is also known as the sale of bags, Packaging Bag this bag is the most direct packaging products. In the bag, also known as wholesale packaging bags, Packaging Bag the purpose of this bag is to protect the product, mainly items to one or more units to be sorted packaging. Large bags are also known as outer packaging or transport bags.

Only a clear function of food bags and classification, Packaging Bag in order to select the appropriate characteristics of the form of packaging bags and design, with the development of science and technology and marketing strategy adjustment, the bag will appear more forms, Packaging Bag more Function will also be excavated and used.