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Packaging Bag Requirements Elements
Aug 11, 2017

1. Shell maintenance: The shell can make food and oxygen, Packaging Bag water vapor, stains, such as isolation, leakage prevention is also the demand for packaging design elements. Packaging Bag Some packages contain a dry or deoxidation agent to extend the shelf life. Packaging Bag Vacuum packaging is the extraction of the air in the packaging is also the first food packaging method. The preservation of food in the shelf life of the clean, novelty and peace is the primary function of packaging bags.

2. Physical maintenance: Storage in the packaging bag of food needs to prevent extrusion, Packaging Bag impact, vibration, temperature and other images.

3. Sealing or loading the same package: the same variety of small items into a package is a good way to throttle volume. Powder and granular objects need to be encapsulated.

4. Conveying information: packaging and labeling informing people how to use, transport, Packaging Bag take over or dispose of a package or food.

5. Safety: Packaging can play a major role in mitigating the risks of transport safety. Packaging Bag Bags can also prevent food from being mixed into other products. Food packaging can also reduce the situation of food is eaten, some food packaging is very strong and has a security logo, Packaging Bag the effect is to protect the merchandise from infringement of business. The packaging bag can have laser marking, special color, SMS certification and other labels.

6. Marketing: Marketing often use the appearance of packaging bags to encourage potential buyers to buy goods

7. Convenience: Packaging can be easy to purchase, Packaging Bag loading and unloading, stacking, showing, selling, opening, reloading, use and application.

In daily life, we see a variety of food packaging forms, Packaging Bag the reason is that the requirements of food packaging technology will be different with the types of food, characteristics and so on their own performance, in addition, transport routes and transport links, transport methods, Packaging Bag storage environment, sales channels, expected shelf life, consumer groups and other factors will affect food packaging technology. Specific requirements for food packaging, including internal and external requirements

Because the gift packaging bag is not easy to degrade the characteristics, Packaging Bag all caused by environmental pollution, on the purchase of food, very good green packaging materials. 6. As far as possible to compare the coating, coating materials. The current packaging design, is to make its packaging will be more beautiful, corrosion resistance, long-term use of the material with the coating. Packaging Bag You this not only to the product scrap after the material recovery, reuse brought about the problem, and most of the paint itself is toxic, if the people eat these packaged food, the body has a very serious harm to everyone. In addition, coating and plating process also brought great pollution to the working environment. Packaging Bag such as paint volatile toxic solvent gas, electroplating, such as chromium containing heavy metals such as waste liquid, waste residue pollution. Therefore, Packaging Bag should try to choose not to add coating, coating packaging materials. The above points are our gift packaging bags in the purchase of the best attention to several aspects of the description, Packaging Bag we spend a little money on food with plastic packaging bags at the same time can be referred to to spend a little money quality gift bags.