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Packaging Bag The Role Of
Jul 13, 2017

Paper materials can give people a sense of environmental protection, and thus some manufacturers Ma head to pursue food packaging bags on the visual high-end. Packaging Bag The role of paper in paper-plastic composites is mainly to give a visually papery texture and to improve the stiffness of the packaging material, which has no practical contribution to the barrier properties and peel / heat sealing strength of the packaging material, Packaging Bag and sometimes it is disadvantageous of.

The separation and recovery of composite flexible packaging is still a difficult problem at present. It is not as easy as recycling and recycling of single material plastic. Packaging Bag The environmental pollution of food packaging bag compound flexible packaging has aroused widespread concern in society. Paper as a single material can be recycled materials, but with the plastic compound together, Packaging Bag it has become difficult to recover the processing of composite flexible packaging waste.

Food packaging bags on the pursuit of visual and excessive packaging, resulting in waste of resources, Packaging Bag or misunderstanding of consumers, are not good.

Now kraft paper bag paper bag is generally 50-60 grams of weight, Packaging Bag salt bag with white paper is generally 27 weight, it is in the role of crossing the river did not increase the protection of goods, neither in line with the reduction of Low-carbon principle, is not conducive to the recycling of waste, Packaging Bag supplemented by "false environmental protection"

Plastic bags from design to the finished bag need to pay attention to what? First of all you have to have a packaging design ideas, you can find your favorite picture online or let the packaging plant has done the picture of the bag to give you a reference , Set the design ideas and ideas, Packaging Bag and then communicate with the design, they will be designed according to your idea. Packaging Bag After the design satisfaction, you must carefully check the size of the design drawings, text and other information is wrong, confirmed that the design on the need to sign, Packaging Bag version of the factory in accordance with your signature map to do the version of the bag.

  Then you need to communicate with the packaging plant, according to the equipment will give you recommend the appropriate material thickness, Packaging Bag to ensure the quality of bags. Or you have done before and the quality of the live, the packaging plant can be based on the thickness of your material to do the bag. Note that the production process must be consistent with the packaging plant, which determines the corresponding material used in packaging bags. For example, some need to vacuum bags, and some need to freeze, Packaging Bag or boiled sterilization, cooking sterilization, etc., the corresponding use of different materials.

  Finally, you need to communicate with the bag factory bag bag requirements, you can ask the size of the seal, the need to add hand buckle, hand hole, hole and other requirements, Packaging Bag and other customers according to product needs packaging bags cut corners, Packaging Bag Easy to tear and so on.

Why choose kraft paper bags? Kraft paper food packaging bags with environmental protection, simple, beautiful features, the major food manufacturers and the vast number of consumers are deeply like, Packaging Bag so kraft paper bags gradually accepted and used a more extensive range. Food kraft paper bag is currently the biggest feature is almost all the use of wood pulp production, as food packaging materials, Packaging Bag food packaging paper market demand is now being released, the product continues to standardize.

   Food kraft paper bags used kraft paper is currently the main kraft paper and white kraft paper two, Packaging Bag occupy an important market share, food kraft paper bags in the field of food has become increasingly widespread use. Now the market has dried fruit, roasted seeds and nuts, Packaging Bag crisp, jujube and so on more and more applications kraft paper bags. Very good to improve the grade of bags, feel, shape, printing and the majority of customers loved.