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PVC Bags A Common Cause
Nov 06, 2017

PVC bag can meet the needs of friends to a variety of places, but there are some problems on using such products, the use of such material custody document material, of course, is no problem, waterproof, moisture-proof and very won't make the internal materials received damage, but for some temperature of food will not have a problem, will to the other plastic products that produce toxins harm human body health, PVC bag can equipped with temperature?

Since PVC bags are originally PVC, PVC is a thermoplastic resin that is polymerized by chloroethylene under the action of initiator. It is the homopolymer of vinyl chloride, polyvinyl chloride and vinyl chloride copolymer.

Most PVC bags are non-toxic and harmless, and it is no problem for the quality of the consumer manufacturer to stop the inspection before the appearance

Not advocating the packing bag of friends in this PVC material for hot water, due to the high temperature of hot water will make product attack certain chemical changes, is will not form a lethal toxins but is also conducive to peace. Academic answer is this: PVC without fixed melting point, 80 ~ 85 ℃ beginning to soften, 130 ℃ is a viscoelastic state, 160 ~ 180 ℃ beginnings into a viscous flow; Good mechanical properties, tensile strength of 60MPa, impact strength 5 ~ 10kJ/m2; Excellent dielectric properties. But poor stability to heat and light, in more than 100 ℃ or the sun for a long time, can produce hydrogen chloride synthesis and, and further automatic catalytic synthesis, provoked discoloration, physical and mechanical properties and landing, in practical application required to participate in the stability of heat and light stabilizers in progress.

Daily life, people contact more plastic bags (film), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyethylene (PE) plastic film (bag), how to distinguish them both? The following summarizes several simple method:

(1) touching

With a touch of lubrication, the surface is coated with a layer of wax (chemically called wax), which is a non-toxic polythene bag, while polyvinyl chloride films are sticky.

Dithering method [2]

Hand shake, the sound is crisp, the qualitative easily float is polyethylene film bag. And the muffled sound of the hand is the polyvinyl chloride film bag.

(3) combustion method

The fire is flammable, the flame is yellow, and when it burns, the paraffin oil is dripping, and the gas is when the candle burns, it is a non-toxic polyethylene film bag. If it is not easy to burn, the fire is extinguished, and the flame is green, for polyvinyl chloride film bag.

(4) flooding method

The polyvinyl chloride (polyethylene density is less than the water and the density of polyvinyl chloride is greater than that of water; At normal temperature, it is about 0.92g/cm3 and 1.4g/cm3 respectively.

In addition, also desirable copper wire, burnt in the fire red, then, the copper wire contact with the test with plastic film, produce chemical change, then put the dip in with the plastic components of the copper wire to be returned to the flame. It is important to observe carefully, if the color of the color, the bright green flame, then this kind of plastic material contains chlorine element, belong to PVC material.

PVC has these two advantages, mainly its consumption process. PVC bag consumption process is not complicated, the ordinary consumer line average by a rolling machine, printing machine, the back coating machine and cutting machine, mainly through the mixing of roller mill straight moving, roller rotation and high temperature roller consumption out of thin film thickness is very thin, consumption and at the same time after the printer on the membrane of the front design and color, after back coater attach a back coating layer on the opposite side of the membrane.

This is a very small step, but it is definitely important, and it is an important guarantee for the quality of PVC bags.

Back coating is composed of special materials, is a kind of high affinity agent, it is because of this layer coating, PVC film talents tightly and MDF sheet or other blend in together, talent, insist for a long time does not glue. The biggest problem with the ordinary sticker mask is that it can't deal with the problem of the film.

PVC bags with senior frosted PVC material thermal bonding, and have a beautiful and durable, use lunch, soft, character such as the price affordable, high quality manufacturing, high transparent PVC anti-static special accessories, bag not adhesion, use lunch, work precision, edge horn without burrs, it does not hurt the hand, zipper use smooth and long service life, sealing pressure tight, not easy to fracture. It is the best choice for all kinds of underwear, socks, documents, chemicals, household goods, home textile products, etc.