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PVC Bags Development Status Quo
Aug 03, 2017

The Development of PVC Bag

With the rapid development of the national economy, PVC bag applications are also expanding. It is reported that, as an important branch of packaging materials, PVC bags are widely used in food, cosmetics, daily necessities and other fields, the driving force of the industrial economy has a key role.

It is reported that the 2010 China's food packaging industry, "Top Ten hidden products", it relates to food with plastic bags, dairy bags two PVC bags. According to relevant experts, PVC bag security issues, is the most worrying issue. First, the residue index exceeded, and second, lead exceeded. With the second-hand recycled materials made of PVC bags, 99% residue exceeded. And heavy metals exceeded, it is caused by additives and fillers.

Now consumers buy plastic packaging items, see the plastic bag on the "food" and "QS" signs, they are more at ease. However, according to the International Packaging Association survey, PVC Bags there are still some enterprises to produce and sell undocumented PVC bags, and even the use of waste plastics and other illegal original, auxiliary materials for production. The emergence of counterfeit or fraudulent use of other people QS production license products are more than repeated.

With the people's environmental protection and health and safety awareness, PVC Bags no doubt potential to urge the PVC industry towards green road ahead. Experts pointed out that PVC bag industry market space has been all open, and its market demand is also constantly released. This market atmosphere, there are opportunities, doom, how to stand out in the Ebb Tide, shine brilliant, as all the PVC bag production enterprises of the core pilot project.

PVC bags involved in the degradation of the problem, PVC Bags environmental protection is still a long-term goal, the current public health and safety issues is more urgent. We call that in the absence of sufficient capacity to regulate the market consumption of too much of the community, PVC bags to healthy environmental development, but also depends on the quality of their own business and improve, PVC Bags rather than external mandatory supervision.

Shell can make food and oxygen, water vapor, stains separated, anti-leakage is also the packaging design elements of demand. Some packaging covers a desiccant or deoxidizer to extend the shelf life. PVC Bags Vacuum packaging or pumping the air in the bag is also the primary food packaging method. Keep the food clean in the shelf life.

Pvc bag physical maintenance: storage in the bag of food needs to prevent extrusion, impact, vibration, temperature and other phenomena. PVC Bags Package or load the same package: the same variety of small objects into a package is a good way to save the volume. Powder and granular objects are packaged in demand.

Packaging and labeling to inform people how packaging or food is used, PVC Bags transported, received or disposed of. Packaging can reduce the risk of transport peace to carry forward the main effect. The bag can also prevent food from returning to other goods. PVC Bags Food packaging can also reduce the food can be eaten. Some food packaging is very strong and there are anti-counterfeit labels, the effect is to protect the benefits of business from loss.