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PVC Bags Easy And Convenient
Jul 04, 2017

Pvc bag is our daily life often used in a bag, when we shop, in the farms, shopping malls and other places, whenever we buy some products, PVC Bags will use pvc bag, because it is simple and convenient, and can Effective use of space, to our lives has long been a lot of convenience, and many people in the use of pvc bags will be free to discard, not only to our city environment, face with a very bad impression, PVC Bags while pvc bag Not conducive to the absorption of the soil, will give our soil pollution caused by damage, PVC Bags but also makes our air is not a good guarantee.

Disposable bags are common, such as some white plastic bags of food, we usually eat breakfast time will see and use. PVC bag factory far from the production of high quality bags, environmental health. PVC bags factory far bright industrial workers stationery bags, clothing bags, PVC Bags zipper bags, cosmetic bags, handbags, etc., widely used, can be used many times.

PVC bags factory far bright Industrial bags are often used in accordance with the number of times used can be divided into a single use of bags, PVC Bags bags and turnover with a number of bags.

1, once with a bag that can only be used once, not recycling the bag.

2, many times with the bag is recycled after the appropriate processing and finishing, can still be reused bags.

3, turnover with bags refers to the factory and store for fixed turnover multiple times the packaging bag. Like our commonly used Shouwan Dai, PVC Bags zipper bags and so on.

PVC bags, EVA bags production bags for gifts, PVC Bags cosmetics, electronics, stationery, toys, clothing, decorations, and so on any industry and consumer goods packaging, products are sold throughout the country.

PVC bags improve the transparency of plastic bags by reducing the degree of crystallization, control of crystal quality, improve the refractive index and reduce the birefringence to achieve the effect of improving transparency. It is possible to improve the transparency of the plastic bag by the addition of the nucleating agent, PVC Bags to promote the crystallization of the small molecule, PVC Bags and to act as a nucleus in the resin, PVC Bags which is the most effective way to increase the transparency of the transparent resin.

The addition of other kinds of resin materials to the transparent resin improves the transparency of the plastic article, which is called blending to improve the transparency. PVC Bags So that the original crystal particles in the product to make the crystal size smaller to improve the degree of transparency, PVC Bags this approach is known as the two-way stretch to improve the transparency of the way.